Paroles: UFO

You can take niggas out of the country
But you can't take the country out of niggas

Niggas, niggas, niggas, all niggas
Niggas, niggas, niggas, all niggas
Niggas, niggas, niggas, all niggas

[Verse 1: B.o.B]
I'm a Outkast nigga, Goodie Mob nigga
Flip-flop, high top sock ass nigga
Southern player lets the Cadillac [?] nigga
[?] nigga
Noth-noth-nothin' on you ass nigga
Flava Flav, fool ass nigga
LL Rock the Bells type nigga
Nas [?] hard to tell type nigga
I'll fuck Nicki Minaj well type nigga
Lighting quarters 88 like I was air tight nigga
And you, and you a Sug type nigga
No such thing as half way crook type nigga
Thought I was Eazy but I'm a Weezy type nigga
I'm a Juvenile, Master P type nigga
She wanna have my baby baby type nigga
Brenda had a baby type nigga
I'm a [?] nigga
Slick Rick [?] ass nigga
Kool Herc, Grandmaster Flash ass nigga
1520 Sedgwick Ave ass nigga
Nigga, nigga, nigga


[Verse 2: Grandmaster Caz]
I'm a park nigga, after dark nigga
Hip-hop's Iron Man, Tony Stark nigga
Nah I ain't Kent, I ain't Clark nigga
But I believe I can fly, oh nigga
I'm a fly nigga, and you know why nigga
Fuck a piece of the pie nigga, ride or try nigga
[?] lie or fly nigga
Made you watch TV 'til you cried nigga
Boo hoo nigga, yeah you nigga
You got the info, what you gon' do nigga?
Fuck the street corner and the avenue nigga
Everything on the internet is true nigga, sike
Don't believe nigga, it deceives niggas
It's a tangled web that they weave niggas
But y'all my niggas, Casanova Fly niggas
GMC, B.o.B, bye bye niggas
Bye niggas, bye niggas, bye-bye-bye-bye-bye niggas


[Verse 3: B.o.B]
Twelve shoe size nigga, 2Pac nigga
3Pac, 4Pac, 5Pac nigga
Just might do it or I might not nigga
I am the light, light as a rock nigga
Short [?] nigga, [?] nigga
Laced Chucks with the Dickie slacks on nigga
Roscoe's nigga, hot sauce nigga
'Bout to go in on chicken and waffles ass nigga
Uncle Luke nigga, I'm Unc Ben nigga
Fight 'em in the court, first amend rights nigga
Smoking [?] type nigga
Born with my dick on a bone type nigga
Bon-bon-bon-bon-bon type nigga
Drank Olde English when I was broke type nigga
[?] type nigga
Won't trust a big booty and her smile type nigga
I really love niggas but I can't stand niggas
I'm a bad bad man nigga
I'm a bling-bling nigga, pinky ring nigga
[?] hookah smoking nicotine nigga
Nigga, nigga, nigga

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