Ballout - Cali Weed

Cali Weed Lyrics / Paroles


I'm smoking cali weed off a bean, G-L-O Glo Gang 064th, you know how we rocking

[Verse 1]

I'm smoking Cali weed off a bean

Robin jeans, about 300 in my jeans

Riding Ferrari pulling down the street

All i see is yellow bitches, palm tress

Flexing' on everybody I see

I think I'm addicted to that cali weed

Love smoking nothing but that OG

I don't fuck with nigga's I don't wanna hit your weed

Nigga's fake on the low nigga, niggas G's

On the low I be really counting G's

I don't fuck with nigga's, Niggas is afraid of me

Smoking dope getting head from Kimberly

I'm really outta Cali moving peas

Got a couple of mansions in the fucking hills

Ballout be rolling off them pills

Smoking dope, and I sell that shit for real

Riding real foreigns with the pipe man

If you see an opp bitch we striking

Fucking two bad bitches I ain't got no wife man

Glo always down shoes with the spikes man

Diamonds moon walking bitches call me Mike man

Bitch mad and I don't wanna wife her she called ballout trifling Bitch I'm Glo'd all the way up i don't wanna wife man

Mansions, me in all the whips, i wanna live my life

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