Ballout - My Set (feat. Tray Savage)

My Set Lyrics / Paroles

[Hook: Tray Savage]
Choppa on em leave a pussy nigga on his set
Gang bang and wildin riding through my fucking set
Drinkin remi drop a L you know where its at
Off the molly college party runnin through a check (x2)
Savage here, trust my niggas, we be on the set

[Verse 1: Tray Savage]
A lot of dope a lot of coke through my fucking set
Gang bang and wildin, chucking, chasing you get wet
All my niggas all this cash we just run through checks
Savage strapped the Mac these bullets they run through his chest
All my shawties all these niggas they be toting them Techs
Where that dope I need that loud I'm on my fucking set
Trap house doing numbers we just run through checks
We ain't fucking with them opps we put them to rest
Cruising riding through the streets my niggas they lurking
Catch a opp we get to shooting this shit wasn't working
Catch a opp we get to shooting this shit wasn't working
Savage, hey, BANG

[Hook: Tray Savage]

[Verse 2: Ballout]

If you ain't 300 you O' Block on my fucking set (LAMRON)
We BD, GDK on my fucking set
Lil niggas everywhere and they holdin Techs
Smoking dope and selling dope on my fucking set
Girl they call me Ballout on my fuckign set
I dont wear a vest, on my fucking set
We got 30's tote techs on my fucking set
Where the opps at, where they hiding at
If I ain't in the field I'm whipping with that pile of racks
I got that good shit you can not find that
The opps say they getting it but they lying man
If you believe them you must be a blind man

[Hook: Tray Savage]

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