Bankroll Fresh - Life Of A Hot Boy 2 Intro [paroles]

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Bankroll Fresh - Life Of A Hot Boy 2 Intro

Paroles: Life Of A Hot Boy 2 Intro

[Chorus: Bankroll Fresh]

Back in the place to be

Did you notice all my niggas stay with me

Hawk's game wood floor save a seat

Up five, court side, JT for three

F on the rims stand for "Fuck 'em I'm eating"

Women lie, men lie, numbers ain't cheating

Southern fried chicken, mix that, and two piece me

I do this shit for real I make this shit look easy

[Verse 1: Bankroll Fresh]

Young, fly, flashy, ashy to classy

Who the realest nigga in it? I'm just asking

Nigga pass the scissors, let me cut up this plastic

Dope boy shit, today I'm rocking New Balance

Dropped Hot Boy mixtape, it's a classic

Dropped ESPN, they said a young nigga spazzing

Dope boy shit, I got these young niggas trapping

Real niggas get it, fuck these hoes, I'm stacking

Spam out on this shit, I came to set the record

Drop that street shit, that's when the streets gone respect you

Nigga do your thing. Fuck it, ice up the bezel

I never had a plug, but I ball like I met him

Real nigga, don't let no ho stress you

If your a real nigga, nigga you know better

Keep this shit a hundred, nigga I shouldn't have to tell you

Police trusting nigga, you're setting yourself up for failure

Nigga wants to bet it, Ima floss up my necklace

Ball how I want to ball, bitch I'm back to flexing

Sent the S to the shop, I fucked around and wrecked it

Drop an extra ten bands, it's got me driving reckless

Quit working in these streets that's why I'm highly respected

Hottest shit the streets seen, so they gotta request it

Put it in these bitches faces, so they gotta accept it

Had to how the streets some love, them other niggas was selfish

Brought a U-Haul through the hood, I bought some toys for the kids

Gave some turkeys away, that's the realest shit I done did

Put my nigga on his feet, he just came home from a bid

Hottest nigga around this bitch, it ain't no way you ain't hear it