Beenie Man - Caan Bait Me Up [paroles]

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Beenie Man - Caan Bait Me Up

Paroles: Caan Bait Me Up


Mi friend come tell mi mi and him fi meck a move

Mi ask him why him seh him want a new shoes

Mi seh mi cyan give yuh one right away him refuse

Him want him own thing him no want one wa used
Smart kid have a money an him waan teke di food

But smart kid a wi friend him get mi confuse

Mi seh my youth I don't need di fude

So let mi tell yuh this

Hoy man a bad man so no bwoy cayn bate mi up

Plus no fool out a road cyan drape mi up

A which bwoy seh dem waan come beat mi up

Well if a dream him a dream unu wake him up

Ash to ash dust to dust an Exidust

Over him pastor read out Leviticus

Yo come dis bad man yuh ridiculous

No true yo funny yuh si how yo humorous
(Verse 1)

Anyway river stone wa mi used buss yo head

Like ten pound a led drop in a head in a head

That simple mean man a go dead

No led meck wi used music instead

Home sted di whole a Spanish Town to Linsted

And to di gun man company limited

Too much innocent man and woman a dead

Yo naw go do mi like how yuh do Fred
(Repeat Chorus)
(Verse 2)

But when di boss come wid him big talk bout yah

Waan yo run border line yuh a no Shibada

Bout him want abth him a no yo father

First thing yo don't know none neither

Yuh buy yo own thing

Yuh have yo ten finger

In a di middle a di day have a happy winter

Down in di month in a di big freezer

And mi no really care neither
(Repeat Chorus 2X)