Beenie Man - One King [paroles]

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Beenie Man - One King

Paroles: One King


From in a the days of teller

the days of teller

A no just now a from then man a sheller

Ask any peanut and any soup seller

How long Dr Moses deh yah

Man a top ranking

Moses a top ranking

From fire house to the gully banking

Many come and gone the doc still a do the damn thing
Father mi thank him

Caw mi still deh yah skanking

Mi waan some bwoy fi know one thing

Many work hard but it still only one king
(Verse 1)

Tell dem a long, long, time mi in a this

Before dem kill dirt's man mi in a this

Before dem put Manley pon grand mi in a this

Before Bulby sight kick van mi in a this

Before Willy meet likkle mis mi in a this

Before Cranico get bonix mi in a this

Before yellow jaw bone test mi in a this

Before Ninja Man a run this mi in a this
Long before Super Cat fist down Benji

Before dem start keep Ram Jam a Denbi

Long before sting start keep in a Jam World

And before fish start fry over Pendi

Mi a ram dancehall Smook Nick and Shandy

Mi a wear overall before ichocandy

Before out crew dem start bleaching wid amby

No sky larking orace amby
(Repeat Chorus)
(Verse 2)

Long before Carleen a wear batty rider

Long before pinky link up wid spider

Before da big bike deh crash wid Tiger

And papasan a never christian neither

Before dem open the cosway wider

Dem time deh Conkerly yanky deh beside a

The days of vina long before siba

Long before Screechy Joe turn taxi driver

Before the two white girl in a the mini bus

Up town girl dem a wear mini first

Before nutsy in a the bus

And Jimmy bus

Long before lieutenant Stitchy turn religious

From dem time deh mi know mi did haffi buss

Man step up pon the stage and the place haffi buss

Travel fox come run the streets but a bally first

First was a quaro

Now a 20′st happilous
(Repeat Chorus)