Beenie Man - What Is This [paroles]

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Beenie Man - What Is This

Paroles: What Is This

(Verse 1)

What is this? Jamaica no mix up in a slackness

Man to man is unjust that mi no practice

How some bwoy name end up pon the black list

Certain measures have to put in place just to stop this

And any bwoy lock up in a house seh dem a back fist

Haffi hold a meeting wid the pick hoax or the map stick

Don’t think seh yuh a go buss no rape and think seh that criss

A badman a talk, a the doc this

So yo better pray fi yo soul

Pray for yo mind

Bet yo never touch the pickney one more time
Yo better pray for yo soul

Pray for yo mind

Pervert yo love peep through key hold a go blind
Yo better pray for yo soul

Pray for yo mind

Hypocrite yo better never pick another dollar coin
Pray for yo soul

Pray for yo mind

Informing and back biting wi no join
(Verse 2)

Petty theft thing fi stop

Grab chain need fi stop

Some hungry belly bwoy need fi stop bruk shop

Man weh beat woman need fi cut out the crap

Round yah need change bad habit haffi drop

Like some informer bwoy weh love run to the cop

Uncontrollable shatter unuh lock weh unuh strap

The bishop no fi have no likkle bwoy in a him lap

And the pastor weh have the church sister in a him shop
(Repeat Chorus)
(Repeat Verse 1)
(Repeat Chorus)