Belly - White Girls (ft. Travi$ Scott)

White Girls Lyrics / Paroles

[Hook: Travi$ Scott]

White girl, for the white girl, they get all excited

Got enough in here to get us all indicted

Call up your girls, yeah they all invited

All I really need is your undivided

Undivided, undivided

All I really need is your undivided

Undivided, undivided

All I really need is your undivided

[Verse 1: Belly]

45 minutes just to wash it off your skin

You ain't even throw the pussy, what the fuck you offerin'?

It could be a thousand bitches, I'ma tell 'em all, "Come in"

When all I really need is you, you

You, she don't chase liquor and won't chase niggas neither

You, she don't take pictures, can't take bitches neither

Me on that 401, 500 cash in the trunk like I'm on the run

I signed to Black 'fore they won

S'posed to be 50, the plug said there's more to come

But you kept it one on one

Promise whenever we ball it's a one on one

You are a one of one

Pick up the pieces whenever I come undone

Whenever I fall like the summer done, faded 'til I fall over

Even when my heart cold like fall over, you still fall over

And over again, and over, and over again

And over again, even though I'm gone with the wind

You'll probably say I'm wrong, I'm a dog to the end

I'm a dog to the end, I'm a dog to the end

And I ain't make the song to offend

So it's okay to sing along with your friends


[Verse 2: Belly]

She been around the world, never paid a flight

Told her stay tonight, I don't change your life

I just blame the life, blame these faded nights

She said, "Yeah, alright, that don't make it right"

But that don't make it wrong

Wanna talk about love? I'll play along

It's Dablo ho, don't you say it wrong

You got that shit I've been waitin' on

And I'ma fuck you in my own pace

Get some head now, pussy later on

Head now, pussy later on

Get a little head now, pussy later on

Bunch of white girls 'bout to start fuckin'

Penthouse lookin' like a Starbucks

[Hook] x2

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