Paroles: 3 Deep

( into)
3 deep on a mission
3 deep
3 deep on a mission
3 deep
3 deep on a mission
3 deep

(Verse: Berner)
3 deep in a Cadillac up to no good
Riding dirty got a stash right under my hood
Big homie in my ears trying to get me to steal
First time I saw a body than I knew it was real
They keep talking about murder but I don’t want to kill
Where’s the love?
Got rich off of bud, he cried when he seen the judge
3 deep on a mission, I’m anxious
Passed me the weed and he told me be patient
We pull to the front he said we going in the back
16 and all black with .40 on lap
I don’t want to rob, there’s no choice
Either you’re in or you’re out, I heard the anger in his voice
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