BIA - Bobby Brown [Lyrics/Paroles]

BIA - Bobby Brown

Bobby Brown Lyrics / Paroles



Pool full of money and I'm bout to drown//

I'm a fool on the corner with that Bobby Brown//

Presidential Rollie and its flooded//

Fool on the corner with that Bobby Brown//

[VERSE 1: BiA]

Who da fuck said they been gettin' to that money

Out here Boy that shit is unheard of//

Everyone you see me with

Bet they ain't saying shit if they witness a murder//

Wipe down the clip

We on point like a cursor//

When you know the plug

You don't talk to the server//

The Feds think they on

When they watch my horn//

But I guess that bitch wrong

Because this ones a burner//

(You know it)

I think I'm sick of these rappers

That talk about trapping

But showing no urgency//

I come from Boston

Where niggas will do you like Bobby

And off your security//


[VERSE 2: BiA]

Pool full of money I'm saving//

I dive in like Amen, Can I get a witness//

One thing you can be is broke//

But two things you won't be

Is broke and in my business//

I left that mall with that white Chanel bag

Now like that's what I call New edition!//

Can't fuck a check up like Nick

When you acting suspicious looking for forgiveness//



I'm sipping brown , I'm coming down//

I'm young and high, I'm filthy rich //

Mix Barry white, with Bobby brown

Now pass around that Trilla shit// 2x

[VERSE 3: BiA]


For all the wrong reasons I'm Hated//

Maybe I'm arrogant, maybe I'm flagrant //

But my prerogative the reason I made it//

(Tell em)

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