Big Boi - Mother of Dragons [paroles]

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Big Boi - Mother of Dragons

Paroles: Mother of Dragons

Do you have a shred of honor?
You are now hand of the king and protector of the realm
All of the powers is yours [you did ?]
We jump and take it

Dungeon dragons, kings and queens

B.I.G. then, mentally weak and now I'm feelin' stronger
Like the rehab on my knee won't be that much longer
Before Khaleesi take the Iron Throne
They call her the mother of dragons, you under attack, nigga this our home
It's Targaryen, the rightful bloodline
So don't you worry about the Red Weddin' that made it crunch time
You're the last forever, maybe death in Heaven
Who am I to second guess it just because Big's life is bein' tested
See the question is to be or not to be, I'm happy mom made me
And pappy didn't blame me so I'm considered the blessin'
An exception to the rule, but rules are made to be broken
And my question is to you, see there's no hope in bein' hopeless
As the brokest nigga with eviction notice on his door
It's possible for anything that happen
I keep on rappin' through the sadness and the pain, never to feel this way again
A heavy dose of novacaine couldn't numb me
Or ease it, d-d-d-dumbin' down, now that's too easy
Life is but a dream and I'm wide awake and the sheeple lyin', sleepin'
You win or you die, the White Walkers and Grim Reapers
Either you end it or not, not get caught with death or treason
So fuck the Lannisters and everyone that ride with 'em
Jon Snow and the Night's Watch finna slide some iron in 'em

[Hook x5]