Big Boi - Objectum Shalamar (ft. Phantogram) [paroles]

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Big Boi - Objectum Shalamar (ft. Phantogram)

Paroles: Objectum Shalamar

I used to be in lust
I wouldn't call it love
Or give my heart away
That's something that I'd never do
See, I'm a leader
Put the squirrels in the cake ball
Set that ball go, uncovered,
Take your play out
Were she with me?
She'd be free, like her days off
Ball in her hand
But that bitch don't ever stay cold
Guess we're playn doctor
But no stethoscope
Just heels and those knockers
See, I'm Mr. Wrong,
But she showed no "not to"
Can't guard a mouth that sip out a pocket
Never violence
I give my sign a list
But I rub my stick on your chick like a violin

I see you want this dance
Cause you fell under the time(?)
Getting on is nothing wrong
But you keep wondering why
Yes, get it, get it on, tonight!
Better make it a night to remember

I'm good at bad sex
I'd say Triple X
My music sound so good
It's almost like we're having sex
Whether you like it or not,
I ain't interested
Because I got the time after that
And the time after that
Because in time and time again
I gotta come in time to tell 'em
Must I rebel 'em?
Get way more deeper than these other fellas
Not only 'bout cheddar,
But what about the seasons never change
And the weather stay the same
We become the weather
But that could be lame, could learn something
Pete Game
Yo, nigga, burns up!