Big Boi - Part Time Hater (ft. Kid Cudi & Stevie Wonder)

Part Time Hater Lyrics / Paroles

She said she love me when I'm gone
She miss me being home,
But I was at the studio, that makes her alone
Recently she seems to hate on all my songs
Deleted my pictures, took my face out her phone
Where did we go wrong, I'm sittin' here thinkin'
She said the weed is strong and keeps my breath stinkin'
Dizzy how I ride and way the mol' linkin'
Close my eyes and fly away with no blinkin'
I'm just dreamin', she ain't really screamin'
Goes both ways and I was tryna get even
Lost my whole evening, mostly for no reasoning
Just my broken weaseling, now I'm tryna even them
Came home, I'm late, i just put the key in
The wood was probably been straight, the shit is European
She's nutts, she's hot and mad as she can be
If you hate on anybody, girl, I'm glad that it was me

(Hook x2)
She hates me, I know fo' sure x2
But I'mma make her love me x2
I'mma make her love me again

I started with te rose petal, ended with the sting
Got caught when I was thinkin': "damn, here we go again!"
We used to hold hands and have such a deep combo
Make a few plans like "you wanna go where I'mma go?"
Lets leave pronto, and that's what we did
Then we yell like Geronimo, and jumped out that bridge
Had a couple kids, think I moved with Aaliah
I know old ass niggas wanna do what I did
The shoe still fits but I'm wearing out the sole
Sometimes I really feel as if I'm burning out my soul
I should have a live band preparing for my show
But instead everybody keeps dick riding my flow
Now I know I ain't quite bitch, but bitch, I ain't broke
If she actin' like a bitch, I guess been round white folks
If I raise my voice, I won't raise a hand
But one thing I'll do, baby, is raise that lil' ass

(Hook x2)
She hates me, I know fo' sure x2
But I'mma make her love me x2
I'mma make her love me again

(Outro: Stevie Wonder)
But baby lemme fix this, big girl, lemme fix it
Hang up the phone, to let me know you made it home
Don't want others to be found with a part time lover
She's with me, I hit the lights, to let you know tonight's the night
For me and you, my part time lover

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