Big K.R.I.T. - Meet Da Connect [Lyrics/Paroles]

Big K.R.I.T. - Meet Da Connect

Meet Da Connect Lyrics / Paroles

I graduated, nominated most highly anticipated
Rapper out the underground
My resume, I run it down
No budget, I'm still on the rise
[?] on, raised the vibe
Just touched down met my connects, I myself give 'em hell now
You can't rap, I always snap so who you think gon' sell now?
Type of flow that I endorse Obama couldn't bail out
History remembers kings your kids will live to tell about
My legacies, Saint John's woke the world, I'll be their Everkings
My angel wings up on my Chevy, swear my swag was heaven sent
Pardon me, I dumb it down cause we not the intelligent
Mississippi nigga, how could I be oh so arrogant
Cause ten times out of ten your favorite rapper's probably scared of me
Ok, now even I don't measure up, I'm light years ahead of me
I been deep in this game, fuck everything else irrelevant
I'm married to my money, no pre nuptials or settlements
A king of my own land I stand, ask you who's all better than

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