Big KRIT - Hometown Hero [Lyrics/Paroles]

Big KRIT - Hometown Hero

Hometown Hero Lyrics / Paroles

[Friday Night Lights snippets]

[Verse 1]
Yeah, yeah, Superhero in the flesh
Even at my worst I'm the best
For the finish I stretch
When they advance me this check
Could've bought my way to heaven, but I blow it on my neck
You scared? What you expect when you ain't have shit
And they ain't paying half of what you asking
Couldn't even see the pussy even if it's Cassie
Now the hoes is down for taking pictures cause you're flashin'
You can't even imagine, maybe Kim Kardashian
Number one song, get a grammy, now I'm smashin
Maserati crashin', swerving through the traffic
Wrap it round a pole, sell a mil off the tragedy
I defy gravity
Flyer then I have to be
Talking to the Lord, I can't stay
Who gon' save hip-hop after me
That's like a torn ACL to an athlete
Boobie Miles, Friday Lights
Capture me, in my hometown...

King City, King, King City
Third Coast representer, Mississippi sippin' lean
King City, King, King City
Third Coast represtenter, Mississippi sippin' lean
300 my my, 300 my stomping grounds
300 my my, 300 my stomping grounds
300 my my, 300 my stomping grounds
King City, M-Town, Hometown Hero

[Verse 2]
Yeah, yeah, it's just Ciroc in the cooler
Not a day off but I'm still Ferris Bueller
Winners never lose so how dare you confuse us
They quote what I spit like Confucius
He say, She say rumors all day
The rap game is high school and life's a hallway
Like what click you in, the Beamer or the Benz
The Bentley or the Lambo
Like here we going again
Don't sit at my table VIP I got this
You ain't poppin champagne after every game then don't pop shit

But I know what's up with her hands in my pockets
They love me cause my swag is so jockish
Freshman year I saw a ring like I'm boxin'
You voted most likely to never-ever top this
I Michael Jordan Dennis Rodmans... in my hometown

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