Big Sean - Burn (ft. Meek Mill) [Lyrics/Paroles]

Big Sean - Burn (ft. Meek Mill)

Burn Lyrics / Paroles

[Verse 1: Meek ExplainMill & Big Sean]

[Meek Mill]
Chain all V.S. I ain't with the B.S
Catch me in your city riding hard through the B.X
Skinny nigga but I do it Large like a 3X
The last nigga tried to do me wrong umm he checked
Right back to that money slinging O's in the P.Jects
Or prolly catch a molly (????)
Cause we next and we flex like

[Big Sean]
90PX Working all night no breaks or a recess
Vroom Vroom yeah I know my car sound like a T-Rex
Bitch Im 23 years old and I ain't riding in a Prius
My cousin finished school can't believe he graduated
Threw him 20,000 dollars told his ass congratulations
Cause me... I wasn't made for that shit
But I could probably hire him and who all paid for his shit
And to all the hoes that was dissin' I pray to God that you see me
I'm on a yacht getting hella' high smoking good that seaweed
Bad bitch in her cha-cha grabbing on her chi-chi's
Million dollar deals on my email you mad as hell you ain't CC'ed
Chain all V.S. bitch you knows it's B.S. boy I run my city (end of story)

[Meek Mill]
Nigga P.S. All white Maybach Greenbay they packed
Y'all niggas was snackin''member the hard nights we trappin'
And they say lifes a game of chess you can play checkers all on my jacket
Cause its Damier and we bombs away on y'all big rappers
I say yeah nigga I murder that Panamera inserted back
Niggas say they want beef well where the fuck is my burger at?
I got white was serving that I went to jail ain't going back
I alley oop your bitch off that backboard she throw it back
I slam dunk in that pussy Blake Griffin your ho nigga
Maybach with Ricky Ross my chain rock like I know Jigga
Thats cause I do ho shout out to my new ho
That pussy pink like nuvo and I dog that Kujo

[Hook: Big Sean & Meek Mill]

[Big Sean]
Niggas wanna' talk what they gon' say (gon' say)
I hit the peddle til' that muthafucka' break (til' it break)
Freaky bitches love the money I make
And to live like this you mouthafucka's gotta' pay
So let that shit burn

[Meek Mill]
Let that shit burn I'mma let that shit burn let that shit burn (burn, gasoline)
The roof on fire Im only on fire Im only gettin' higher
All these racks off in my pocket I want bottles I'mma let that shit burn

[Verse 2: Big Sean & Meek Mill]

[Big Sean]
Bitch I had one shot and I ain't blow it
Riding 'til the wheels fall off and they tow it
I got green on top of green damn its looking like I grow it
D-Town the hood behind me like a king cobra

[Meek Mill]
Burn bitch I let it burn bitch
My money straighter than a muthafuckin' perm bitch
No navigation you can see it is my turn chyea
Shorty give me all that brain still ain't never learned shit

[Big Sean]
Oh thats your girl damn nigga you ain't learn shit
She naked in my studio Im on that Howard Stern shit
I swear that mac 10 is my barbell, Finally Famous the cartel
Hit your girl in my whip and now that pussy got the new car smell
Same shit different day I ain't broke no more it's a different day
Don't turn me down I got shit to say my purp' strong like it's liftng weights
It's Sean Don sippin' Chandon I got a bad bitch with them pom pom's
My roley don't tick your shit sound like a time bomb... boom... Lil' bitch


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