Big Sean - Used To Freestyle [Lyrics/Paroles]

Big Sean - Used To Freestyle

Used To Freestyle Lyrics / Paroles

[Hook: Drake]
I ain't felt the pressure in a little while
It's gonna take some getting used to
Floatin' all through the city with the windows down
Puttin' on like I used to
They never told me when you get the crown
It's gon' take some getting used to
New friends all in their old feelings now
They don't love you like they used to man

[Verse 1: Big Sean]
Man that shit you talking raising my sodium
When I step to the podium
Like they bringing the trophy in
They like "Aww, there he go again"
I do what I got to do to ride up in that European
I knew back when I was playing Little League down at Bobian
That, that boy had that glow like he ran off with plutonium
Back when I had a crush on every girl on Nickelodeon
Man I knew I had to be in and out of Fallopian
Bank accounts at Wachovia
I can't be no custodian
Just imagine how the drama felt
Imagine how my momma felt
Swimming in the debt boy I was hungrier than ever
Ya this must be how piranhas felt
I had to put my G-Shock back on just to go remind myself
When we needed all kind of help
Back when we was all alone on our own
Nine a.m. phone brrrr Sean Don Corleone
Fuck every OG who passed up on my and put me on a song
Except for Ye so I'm forever repping foot up on the throne
You was popping back when I was wearing pow chains
Now you back at home, how mane?
Whole squad come together killing shit like the Power Rangers
I stay in tune and out of danger
Lady on the way Mercedes on the way
Album on the way
Rapping like I got a baby on the way
I'm like Baby with the pay
Pay me when a day
Bitches do or die seven days a week and holidays
Ho ass bitch

[Hook: Drake]

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