Birdman - Still Hot [paroles]

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Birdman - Still Hot

Paroles: Still Hot

Big money, head shots
Big time, rollie watch
Fifty niggas, fifty spots
Hundred G's, hundred blocks
I'm an old head but I'm still hot
Stunt a nigga, and I never stop
Getting money, throwing ones
Extra clips, extra drums

I'm filthy nigga, with an AK
Round my waist, she will stay
[?]niggas, [?] niggas
[?] niggas, [?] niggas
Imagine nigga, we smash niggas
Big money nigga, out on the dash nigga
Big money nigga, built to last nigga
Big money, blow a hundred grand nigga

[Verse 1]:
Everytime we move nigga
Everytime we groove nigga
Pull up, pussy, nigga move nigga
Get up nigga, we cruise nigga
Yacht folks, and we [?] nigga
Get with us, and you lose nigga
Catch a body, no clues nigga

Paradise I'm [?]
Diamonds on my little [?]
Tell my [?] don't work
Tell my [?] it's work
Flashy cars, with the flashy doors
Pops nigga, was a dope boy
Everyday we woke boy
Everyday we sold boy


[Verse 2]:
Told my lemons gon' slide nigga
Grab a tool and go ride, nigga
Put them niggas inside nigga
Make them niggas go hide, nigga
100G's and we hide nigga
100 mil and we fly nigga
We living life and we live nigga
Move work, she done work
Pull in work, get the work
From the dirt, we'll wet your shirt
Load the purse, ride the hearse
Real nigga, we hit it first
Been in comas, we did the work
Mastermind, I make it work