Birdman - Stunna [Lyrics/Paroles]

Birdman - Stunna

Stunna Lyrics / Paroles

Rich Nigga, Fuck Bitch Nigga
We pull in that bitch, Nigga
Fuck nigga be popping shit cause they cowards nigga
We Rich Niggas
Big Money, No Chips Nigga
Garbage bag, We Dip nigga
We stunna on 'em with money,power
Marbel flows on em, bricks nigga
Jump back on them elars
Project life with 100 cars
Moving around like superstars
Double clips in them double jars
Chandelier My hope nigga
Cali cope for that smoke nigga
We move nutin, but that board nigga
Moon rock that hard nigga
She moved me so i taped that hoe
100 G's on cho and flo
So we lay em down
And we break the hoe
We get em in
Move shake the hoe
We them niggas
We been them niggas
Them pussy niggas
Be hating tho
We chop em
Put em down
We lay em down
And take a hoe
100 extra rounds
Everywhere we flip
100 extra pounds
Everywhere we dip

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