Bishop Nehru - Midnight Reflecting [Lyrics/Paroles]

Bishop Nehru - Midnight Reflecting

Midnight Reflecting Lyrics / Paroles

Yeah, yeah
Yeah, yeah
Yeah, yeah
Young grove
Papi chulito, make it look easy like freethrows

[Verse 1]
I'm lost in my thoughts, reality slowly leaves
Like leafs from trees when fall is the nearest season
Seein' they all fear where I stand, but it's nothin'
I'm used to their weird stares from the years of them frontin'
But I switch gears, and grip rears without a (?) sincere
So imagine what would happen if he sip beer
An emotional roller coaster (?)
I never show it in my face but my heart raining tears
Waiting for (?) striking but the only time it happens is when I'm in the lab and writing
King of flow like Poseidon
Still lay besiding with these wack rap gods who should really try retirin'
I been through the fire and flames so nothings changing me
Unless its me, a recipe the rest of them pest never seen
So I never speak, my actions shout louder
Got these sweet niggas sour because I'm (?)
He's solely holding his power over the phonies and cowards I encounter every hour
Make noise, just tryna get louder
So the only time it's quiet is when I'm in the shower
Guess it's what comes with being dope like the powder
So many last hopes who don't even last a hour
So I'm tryna miss the list, take my time and devour
Me and the universe been connected like routers
Because I know it's on my indigo, reflect on my outer

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