Blac Youngsta - CMG [Lyrics/Paroles]

Blac Youngsta - CMG

CMG Lyrics / Paroles

[Hook: Jamiah Jordan]
Why they got so many questions
Bout who we are , what we do
Whats my part aye like you ain't know
Like you ain't know like you ain't know
They got so many issues
Bout where we stay , why we grind
Hustle hard everyday, like you ain't know
Like you ain't know, like you ain't know

[Verse1: Jamiah Jordan]
Like you ain't know, shit is fucked up
Yea life is hard... like you ain't know
Yo back against the wall you swing for God
Like you ain't know these jobs ain't payin niggas shit
So we rob the rich and give the poor the same damn split
Making more out of less, on the porch tryna stretch
Think its funny how this money bring a smile outta stress
Is it the root of evil or its the tree of happiness
Cuz niggas grind then they shine that's when they feel the best
Like you ain't know... that's why you keep us broke
This slavery still around man this job will make you choke
That's that new Knoose so we footloose just like Elvis
My niggas on the corner burner on they pelvis
Then they tell us bout our generation
But I ain't see no hood wit a plantation
Of no coca, just gun shops and mota grown round here
They askin silly questions when they round here like they ain't know


[Verse2: Boz]
All these people love me now
Haters hate to see me now
Flying high like I'm smoking loud
Can't be locked on to the ground
Had a dream and made it real
Benjamin Franklin spills
All these bitches catchin feels
I'm only feeling when I'm poppin pills
I come from nothing, all i know is look up
Never, never looked down, heading straight up to the top
And i never doubt, always knew what I'm about
Always been about my money, i know i can't do without
Never been part of my struggle, you won't part on my success
Sorry bitch to buss ya bubble ya ain't better than the rest
I ain't fucking with the rest, i ain't smoking on that stress
I ain't fucking with the lames so no fucking questions asked


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