Black Rob - You Need That Real Shit (ft. Sean Price & Tek) [paroles]

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Black Rob - You Need That Real Shit (ft. Sean Price & Tek)

Paroles: You Need That Real Shit


You need that real shit back in your life
You need that real shit back in your life

Trapping, got fish, I ain't trapping it
Trap me, I ain't pull it, I ain't trap me rich
I can tell you on tradition in this slalom shit
Man, seaside, this as cool as it gets
Hundred man, like Shan, and the whole pile need it
Lisping the whole pot, now, you gotta come to your senses
Bring dough, get dough, no loss I take
My CTV, man, y'all just sink
Dude smile at this pitcher, my image so vivid
All it take for me is to drop this seat
Y'all live it.
You handle the Blue Civic, anything terrific
None of this personal thang, it's all business
In the hood, now-a-day, everyday like Christmas
Valet just spit, you can swim with the fishes
The black don't spit that fly, it's vicious
Jailed doing hard time, you into wash dishes


You need this real shit back in your life
Everything could be alright, the future looks bright
This it ain't even all I do, this is life
My grown white boys be like yeah yeah

I ain't try to be Godfish, I ain't tryna be nek
I frame Mavericks, disappear with the chips
My stupid ass pro'ly read a paper on the web
With the new identity, fish with the lip
Boss your crew, make 'em put the 50 on your head
Have your lust in music sink to the sledge(?)
Split to the lag, similar to deport lounge
If you're thinking you're high, Duke, I'm thinking you're wrong
Listen to rap, nah, I don't listen to rap!
Niggas wild, fuck I wanna listen to that?!
Wasting my time tryna understand your song
Hazing my mind, tryna understand this bong
Pee, slap fours, put the fish in the ground
Sean Price, big on Pop Duke, the best in the town