Blu - The Return

The Return Lyrics / Paroles

[Verse 1]

Ayo I never banged, and through it all, never changed my name

They used to call me Young Blu, before the fame

Like my cousin Smurf, heard about a OG who used to run that turf

Then he got murked

Puttin' in work with the Blacks when the Browns was beefin'

I got my griefin' after school with the chicks grievin'

Like Blu, thank God that wasn't you, ayo

One week later, they got my homeboy too, ayo

Dang, my cousin used to tell me, "Boy watch for them colors."

Other than that, you be the illest mothafucka"

So I pushed to the streets, I pushed to the beach

End up pushin' more raps than I ever pushed trees

I had beats from the best

Just to make it known, I was a beast from the West

Tryna get put on with the Snoops and the Games

The Cubes and the Pacs

Next thing you know they bangin' Blu on the block

My nigga, bang!


When the times get hard in the streets, niggas bang

When them right bars sit up on the beat, niggas bang

When niggas sling cocaine all day to make change

Niggas bang, niggas bang, niggas bang-bang

Tryna tell ahk, "Watch where you walk", niggas bang

When that spark set fire to that heart, niggas bang

From the rollers to the lames, ain't a damn thing change

My niggas bang, niggas bang, bang-bang

[Verse 2]

Now I'm back up on the block, rap shit locked

Pocket full of money, no crack in my socks

Shouts to the homies in jail with no bail

And props to the homies that blow but don't sell

They be like "Oh well, more room for the real"

Popped a fake in the face for actin' like I can't tell

Yeah it feels all good in the hood, I know it ain't

Should be smellin' all good, but, I know it stank

Tell the homie hold the shape while I blow that dank

Roll the streets with that cannon like we rollin' tanks

Unh, gold plates ho, I know they gon' hate

Might as well get the gold plaques, and the platinum chains

See me when you see me, 'til then, kiss the genie

Spell G, me, you could never be me, believe me

Put your CD on smoke, fuck PDs and the hoes

And them niggs talkin' 'bout their shit bang when it don't

My nigga, bang




No stranger to the game, but you can't seem to relieve her

You'll see her, when the morning comes


[Verse 3]

Ayo, next thing you know, I'm in that county

With a whole bunch of real OG's surroundin' me

What you do when your name's Blu

And you run into a Crip, a Cholo, a Piru?

And everybody wanna know on the coast, what set you claim

All my life I had that name, but never banged

I'm from the Bridge, my folk from the 4th

East side to the dro, and all the way back home, let it be known

I got love for my block, love for my color

Love for my streets, and love for my brother

But a nigga put his hands on me, we catch fades

Fuck I look like? 30, gettin' jumped in a gang

And my peeps say, "How you keep peace these days

If you ain't got a piece by your reach these days?"

I say, my nigga, when you victim to the system

It don't matter what you do, they always fuckin' with you

So just bang


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