Boaz - 100 (ft. Chevy Woods & Cook Tha Monster) [Lyrics/Paroles]

Boaz - 100 (ft. Chevy Woods & Cook Tha Monster)

100 Lyrics / Paroles


You already know the tag

Bring the money in the bag

It's off a hard nigga

How you want it?


They don't get it like we get it

They don't do it like we do it

What they doing?

We already done it


Swerving in the big body

Gotcha girl riding shotty

Stunting hard when I'm out in public


If you ever in the city

Ask any real nigga

They gone tell you that

That boy 100

[Verse 1: Boaz]

Dressed in all black, like the omen

The loud pack gotta nigga foaming

I know the niggas is groaning

There's so much hate in your blood

I swear that, that shit is showing

Niggas is grown men, that still need to finish growing

So let me show 'em a thing or two

I ain't with the talking, Imma do what I came to do

These niggas can't move through the streets the way I do(The Hustle)

I hop, skip and jump down the block like a kangaroo

Ain't no telling what, they really get me started

Imma drink 'til I retarded

Fingers full of residue, sticky from the chronic

Getting blooded in the drought, getting top, like a playa

All she wanted was 100, it ain't tricking if you got it


Real niggas getcha your money baby

All my bad bitches bust it over

An I don't care they got the stamp on

No, i still gotta bust 'em open



[Verse 2: Chevy Woods]


They never thought that I could make it pop

From serving 20's to the junkies in that vacant lot

New car from speeding, banging that old Jada

They tried to hide in disguise, I know they all haters

God given, God willing, I'm God fearing

I push button on that roof, I know that God's staring

Yeah and all my niggas they got felonies

Smokescreen, new 100's up in these denim jeans

Check it, I had my own work, I've been a boss

So it ain't nothing to shake back when you get it lost

It ain't your problem? shit I was taught not to get involved

And these earrings alone will probably get the draws

Ha, so tell them niggas I do this for real

I'm getting rich, so ain't no need for discussing my deal

Yeah, you see them shooters make that semi pop

You wanna a problem, could be a problem, on any block


[Verse 3: Cook Tha Monster]


Until somebody kill me, I'm gone keep in benji nigga

When i'm copping, bring a bag full of benny's nigga

Used to have to put a hangar in back of the tube

Now I'm nacking on my how I'm eating my food

I'm a dog in the kitchen, turn one into two

Put the coco in the pot, let it simmer and brew, whip

Watchu spending on your rent, I be spending on shoes

This is chess, you better think before making a move

I call tem shooters on te phone, you be making the news

You grabbing more then fifty bricks, you can get them for two

I don't just talk the shit I'm talking, I'm really a do

Throw the foreign in the fifth, tryna willie the goose, skrt

I'll be cool, when I'm counting a million or few

I need the crib with the balcony, ocean in view

My little bhudda, he be itching like bishop in juice

I bet you five grand flat, having you missing your roof


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