Bodega BAMZ - All Eyez Off Me

All Eyez Off Me Lyrics / Paroles

Yeah, back up on that park bench
Yeah, with the Henny open, yeah, with the semi loaded
Yeah, yeah yeah, fuck y'all niggas talking 'bout?
Yeah, yeah, fuck y'all niggas talking 'bout?

I'm a man, two balls, keep my word, shot call
Replica, knock it off, Mayweather, box the Porsche
Bring it out, blonde joint, Pam Lee, barbwire
[?], connect call, free the homies through the wire
Send a kite, first class, in the air, fly safe
Fo' hunnid in the oven, Pyrex, won't break
Water boil, green tea, stomach hurt, ate pork
Down state, double life, caught a body, up North
Boo hoo, got a wife, nighstand[?], first time
High as Hell, fuck the Devil, word to God, Jesus Christ
I'm a legend, Will Smith, love Jaden, real shit
Never met him, saw me live, told me "Dude, killed it!"
Gangsters die every day, never sweet, Special K
Lucky charm, I was born 17th, Patty's Day
Red hairs, got a few, beard long, like a Jew
Not Muslim, one love, bleed blood, soo woo
Knew Yams, brother type, told me things, true life
Niggas faking, know the truth, he's my man, show the proof
Same blood, from the island, we connected, they was mad
Real shit, he was younger, I would listen like he's dad

All eyes off me
All eyes off me
All eyes off me
All eyes off me
All eyes off me
All eyes off me
All eyes off me
All eyes

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