Bodega Bamz - The Plug Pt. 2

The Plug Pt. 2 Lyrics / Paroles


So they hit the plug like "Papi, I need more!"

I need to flood the streets like that shit raw

Never break it down but I sell it by the whole

Got the chicken in the other end work on the store


They hit the plug like...

They hit the plug like...

They hit the plug like...

They hit the plug like...

[Verse 1]

Shake the block, bobby trade

Ready dog, bobby (?)

Say your life, next to (?)

We just ball, shoot the women down

Off top like a halo, five me diams

Give me cotters, cause I'm all about that pay so

I don't deal with what he said

Unless he said he spread it off when I say so

(Hello) You callin' papi right now

I'm with wify shopping downtown

All I got left is a pound, nothin' more nothin' less

Man you shoulda called sooner, we hustling connoisseurs

I've been up since the a.m., flow so crazy

If the next man payin', I can never hold (?)


[Verse 2]

Con la mala nombre del enemigo

Viene lo sucio trabajo cono me llama el bario

Let me translate that

Got a .45 with your name on it

Fuck a 9-to-5, I'm lazy, call me crazy

Drug dealer go cause they pay me

They pick up, round the car

Not my line, on the score

Understand, talking hot

Get you killed, get you locked down

Better have a good lawyer

Like mine young boy (?)

Never seen, never saw you

Never speaking of her and never call her

[Bridge] + [Hook]

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