Paroles: Toast to the Kings

[Mr. Voodo]

Natural Elements, the name of this topic

You should pay close attention how we rock it

When we drop the album and single, you should cop it

[A Butta]

Yo Voo, stash that, L hit em wit 2 Tons


Yo, first and foremost

Natural Elements serve a raw dose

You ain't hear the first time, so I return with more dope

And I just burned some raw smoke, Voo else wit the ace hand

Like a life-size statue of Elvis in Graceland

Yo fuck corrupt jakes, they rush the gates

But all they find in my pocket was two dutchies, a razor blade, and some


So if you're lookin for a cut face and broken jaw

Make you feel like you was locked upstate, so close the door

[Mr. Voodo]

Pope John Paul, I bless ill figures (reputedly)

Dons fall when I caress steel triggers (rufusly)

Anonymously, toss shots wit an ominous force not

Not known to MC's, draw guns wit two's a piece

Your whore's is chossin me, rap wars is losin me, a true MC

My influence be showing and fluently

[A Butta]

True indeed, I flows by properly hop

Go-go's coppin your spot

Yo whatever we drop, you know it's gotta be hot

Blazin, Raising Hell like Run-DMC

Sprayin shells till my gun be empty

I heard you want it kid, don't wait to tell, come and get me

Save your hit for A&R men

On drums and SP's, and ACE R-10's

Foe or friend? You can choose one of the two

But think quick before I bruise you in front of your crew

Oh that's your man? Well I'm sunnin him too

Nuttin to lose, Thelma and who?

Kick in your grill, blood on my shoes

Lyrics is ill, my click chill, while we guzzlin brew

Flip it Swift (fuck you want me to do?) it's on you


Police is huntin for Voo

Respond too, yo it's a Elements world

Elegant words make my legend unfurl

Even melons get bust, hold up nigga several of us

Niggas is jealous as fuck, yo got my metal to bust

Yo tell em what up

(Nah kid, I might touch up the flow)

You freeze like, you was stuck in the snow, duckin the po'

[Mr. Voodo]

What do you know, V-double-O

Bring the apocalypse, we accost your chicks

Hold your babies as hostages

You want hydrogens and oxygens, here's a large dose

Born-again thug like Carlos

Y'all know the stimulants, inhalin reefer dark cumulo-nimbus

Over the earth set, trip Jahovah for turf

I'm the nefarious, clap straps and give brothas out of body experience

See we be N-E, we ne-gate the red tape

In the 2 Ton, no one shall ecsape

(So pick a death date, and things get set straight)


"Ooh ooh ooh, ooh ooh ooh ooh ooh ooh" 4x

Most of y'all know what shit is exactly about word

"Ooh ooh ooh, ooh ooh ooh ooh ooh ooh" 4x

Always and forver, Natural Elements no doubt

[L-S] I lost my money on the Knicks

[A-B] I got honeys on the tips

[MrV] I got Rummy on the twist

[L-S] Aiyyo run me on the spin

[A Butta]

My click is heavy-handed

Something ferocious, fuckin toasters

One of the dopest so, but don't approach this

You want dope? I'll over-dose this

Propose a toast to candle, the king of smokin roaches

Guns and roses, some say my flows comes from Moses

Puff a whole spliff and let the smoke circulate

Deep throat my flow till you choke, ho regurgitate

Y'all jokers don't flow, y'all impersonate

Me and my click, you wanna plead the Fifth?

Open your eyes and read my lips, yo the beef is thick

Heat an ?instant?, must be the sickle if you can see wit this grip

My click flow will make you flee the district

[Mr. Voodo]

You see this biscuit, I love this biscuit

Charlemagne shoved the disc in

Ain't a sample for me to construct the sickness

The product, the quick hit

Crazy cash, cheese like Stacey Dash

DE's tryin to trace the stash

We steady lace the hash

Up in spots large as Macy's bash, triple ?stake?

But anyway, I treat women like I'm Henry VIII


Yo, I could never envy a fake, all I could do is rock on

You can reach me at, Natural

Log on yo, I do this for the illest in prison

I'm seein both sides of the game like peripheal vision

Shit you think about, I figure in my quickest decision

It's like I always play the game from a different position

Wit The Charlemagne, I'm playin both sides of the fence

I spoke in my defense, I stay wit low eyes when I'm bent

Yo when, I say N-E I mean Northeast too

Bronx county, Trump found me and he brought me through

Support me too, word up 2 Ton, word up

Chorus *replace "shit" w/ "this"
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