Boosie Badazz - Cancer

Cancer Lyrics / Paroles

Boosie Badazz
Coldest words I ever heard was
“Torrence Hatch, I’m sorry. You got cancer”
Just beat death, turned into “now I got cancer”?

[Verse 1]
Father God, I need answers
News to my ears, shit real from the doctor
He said, “Boosie, boy you got cancer”, I cried for hours
Jumping in the shower, stressing, and cried to my mama and my nana
I can’t believe this shit
Cancer got me scared like I’m ‘bout to leave this bitch
Told my bitch, she cried, told my niggas, they cried
Mama tried to downplay it to the family, she lied
I’m thinking, “damn, how did I get cancer?” in my kidneys
Back fighting for my life, I guess finish my sentence
I guess way gone, I stress not giving up, not yet
I need prayers, fuck respect

Father God, I need answers (man)
Tell me God, how did I get cancer?
Father God, I need answers (protect me, God)
Tell me God, how did I get cancer? (Why me though?)
Right now, shit

[Verse 2]
I’ve been stressing so bad, my nigga
Praying to the man with both hands, my nigga
Just want to be around in my family chilling
Lost three aunties to this pussy ass disease while you keep beef with my family, nigga
Leave us alone, my God, we need some answers
Leukemia at 10 years old, please heal this cancer
My aunty Keisha just left, it’s real with cancer
Stress ain’t do it to her, ma, she was killed with cancer
It’s hard to make a nigga think strong (man)
I probably need to put some pink on (man)
This shit gon’ probably make my team strong (man)
How long I live after my kidney gone?


I need the answers
God will say “damn, how you get cancer”
I said, “baby, I don’t know how I get cancer”
He’ll answer me on death row, he’ll answer me again
Tell me God, how did I get cancer?

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