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Minor setback for a major comeback

Look at how the wrist glow along with a sick flow
Bitches hitting switches on my dick like a '64
Swisha sweet, full of dro, no need to pull a ho
Every hole in her body she tryna make my dick go
Fit so high, most niggas steal it out the Gucci store
Kicks so fly, I really like 'em so I'm buying four
Been had swag, hoes been sweating me since '94
Get my Frank Lucas on, furry hat, minx coat
Pink loc', light up my room like I'm a rainbow
She know, she getting down that's what she came for
Cocky and confident, I'm street, what I'mma change for
Keep a dime piece but only eat on my main ho
Champagne Range but I ain’t lift up the doors though
Platinum credit cards, feel addicted to bank rolls though
Gangsta everybody know, gangstas be at every show
Niggas say they gangsta but if you gangsta what you tell 'em for?

Get 'em Boosie
Get 'em Boosie
Get 'em Boosie
Get 'em Boosie

Minor setback for a major comeback
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