Boosie Badazz - Kicking Clouds

Kicking Clouds Lyrics / Paroles

Smoke one for me nigga (Light that shit up out there nigga)

Niggas gotta clear they mind sometime you know cuz

It be a lot going on

Lot of money (lot of snakes), lot of haters

So I just ease my mind


When I need to, clear my mind

Middle finger to your world, if you ain't my kind

And no, I don't really care

I'm in my zone and I just wanna stay there

And I be kicking clouds clouds clouds

Fuck em fuck em fuck em

Smoking something loud loud

Fuck em fuck em fuck em fuck em

[Verse 1]

I just like smoking weed (ain't nothing wrong with that)

Felling fine

Kicking clouds

Tryna have a lil peace of mind

Always be like "fuck my haters"

Sometimes I be like "fuck the world"

"Fuck my girl"

Light up that real nigga

And I dont really care cuz I'm fine

Hanging out I dont have time

You ain't like my kind

I'm from a rare bloodline

Just rolled for my nigga

May he rest in peace

Rolling up in them Boosie papers

Smoking that Lil B


[Verse 2]

Tonight I'm gon get fucked up with my dogs (Fuck Em)

Nigga play with us

We gon set it off

And I smoke

Tired of dealing with these bitches up in court

Baby mama threatening me with child support

Now that's some crazy shit

I need a blunt and a cigarette

For this crazy bitch

Me against the world

Stop talking bout me

Me and my girl we girl scouting

Let's take a ride on the {?}

Smoke this loud with me



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