Boosie Badazz - Letter 2 Pac [Lyrics/Paroles]

Boosie Badazz - Letter 2 Pac

Letter 2 Pac Lyrics / Paroles

[Produced By: MixxedByTone]

Boosie bad.. holla at my nigga right quick

My letter to 2Pac..
Wake up nigga, let me holla at you right quick

First of all I wanna let you know
That you're really missed
There will probably be nobody better, real shit
All through my life, you inspire me dawg
When you died, I really cried
I wanted to ride for you dawg

Say 'pac
I be going through it, just like you
Police hate me, government officals
They hate me too
People compare me to you, but I never asked for that glory
But I do feel like we one of a kind, with similar stories

They call this hustle shit this trap shit
South run the rap shit
Half these rappers wouldn't even make it if you was rapping 'pac
These dudes you used to beef with? They blew up for real
The boy Jay Z, he eating, he damn near touching a bill

Unconditional love, dear mama
I ain't mad at you, my favorite song
Say 'pac, when I listen to him I wish that you was home

'pac, they charged me with murders, and maced me in my cell
Still, I got high in that bitch every day 'pac, lol

Your momma smilin', she even got her own college
You served a purpose, you gave millions of kids with nothing knowledge

Guess what?
Suge just hit a nigga in a car, heard he killed the nigga
Pac, now he say he going blind
I hope he beat them bitches

They still got money for wars
But they can't feed the poor
We got a black president now, 'pac
But we still ain't got Moor, it's crazy (his name's Obama)

I just wish I had some time to make a hit with you
My oldest daughter Ivy say, "Daddy that's all you listen to"

I hate the cops just like you hate the cops
I can act in Hollywood but they don't wanna give me no shot
My bad, my name's Boosie

People don't even buy CD's no more, 'pac
Teenagers ain't even fighting mane
They squeezing that nine (They shootin' up everybody)

Anyway, save a spot for me
I wish you had Google
Can't really tell you in this letter
But it's a lot to know about Boosie (I'm the truth 'pac)

Police shooting us down on TV now
It's starting to feel like 1968 in 3D, 'pac
It's amazing
I fucked two hoes, I tossed it up last night
And they let me press record, I went dumb last night

But anyway, you're probably tired so ima let you go
But thanks for everything you got me through, 100

I remain the same
Boosie Badazz

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