Boosie Badazz - Take Em Back (Remix) (ft. Hot Boy Turk) [paroles]

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Boosie Badazz - Take Em Back (Remix) (ft. Hot Boy Turk)

Paroles: Take Em Back (Remix)

[Intro: Lil Boosie]
Boosie Badazz g-mix remix
Yeah, if you don't know
Now you know

You better believe it
You better believe it
You better believe it (my money don't fold I'm gettin' this dough)
You better believe it
You better believe it
You better believe it (always stay true stick to the G code)
You better believe it
(I'mma stay on the grind get mine like a real nigga should)
You better believe it
(I'mma still be me be the same OG who puts it down for the hood)
You better believe it
(I'mma rep my block every city, every town, everywhere I go)
You better believe it
(That's if you didn't know) you better believe it

[Verse 1: Lil Boosie]
Yeah, you saw the video you better believe
That my real fans they been believein'
Knew the plan the whole time this young nigga finna go get Young Jezzy
Show money got me frezzy-frezzy
Young south from like king James of Clevland
Man amongst boys going hard
Best believe I'll fuck your broad
I'll land your yard with a Mac-10
Got black fans, got white fans, got jew fans, got spanish fans, bunmaklieds, & mexicans
Back to my neck again check me out
Gotta mention my name when you say the south
Spit it from the heart so they fellin' me
Some people say I got 2Pac in me
Police they be tellin' lies
So look like we goin' trial
Fight for my life I swear to God
My music took people who had the heart
Man savage boy, made a classic boy, gangsta music we did the thang so
I name my album SuperBad, cause I keep keep keep gettin' richer mane
Flat screens all up in my kitchen mane
Grind so hard I shine so bright
Everybody up in Boosie bussiness, hey kill the light
From California to New York City niggas on the corner they fucking wit me
Just got a label did, finna be duce L Beezzy B nigga


[Verse 2: Bun B]
Bun B in this thang is the best back
Crew Trill ENT I'ma rep that
Gotta problem homeboy better step back
Cause the thing taking off like a jetpack
Coming down in the benz on jet black on 24's
Just the roof let back
Say I might get jacked right [?] that
Got something on me that'll make em' get back
You can bet that like a good hand reppin' for my city I'm a good man
Always organized with a good plan Always gotta know where my hoods stand
Where the pimp at P.A.T. somking on the baseball B.A.T
Everybody packed in a G.A.T. ready to let them boys down like B.A.T. better believe it

[Verse 3: Yo Gotti]
I'm Yo Gotti
Been a long time coming better ask about me
All the hate, all the doubtment, all the niggas tried to hold me down
Stayed on the grind, I took the crown
Man seemed like a dream so caked up if this what it is I don't wanna wake up
From Baton Rouge to north Memphis to A.T.L. they felling us
From the east coast to the west coast anywhere that's hood life
Street niggas gonna lay for this & they probably gonna have these same stripes
Fast cars, 5 stars homeboys behind bars
How you gonna try to take a full blooded street nigga turn em' into a superstar
[?] they run this [?] I run this
You can catch me in that white thang, with that top dropped [?]

[Verse 4: Trae Tha Truth]
I'm Trae Tha Truth you ain't gotta have shit
King of the place where they never had shit
Got up & got it my own, ain't nobody pay attention
Probably ain't never got to hit the bank to cash in
Half of a stack to hundred now I made 'er
Run up & I bet you this choppa gonna be a hater
Seen 'em what they wanted, wanted to get back & I made 'er
Littlest one in here but I twist his paper
Hood nigga but the ghetto bitches say I'ma star
Made it out the ghetto but I'm never gonna force ya
Having nothing made now probably but the problems
Bitches on my dick & probably make a brother stronger
Whether not these haters I'ma stare up in they jaw
All money bitch, I give a fuck about the law
When you see me for [?] sounded like they never wanna stay up in the car

[Verse 5: Foxx]
Now picture this I'm good & rich only 26 you pussy bitch
Wishing I was broke keep wishin' bitch, everytime I roll by you lookin' bitch
Nigga hate on me but that's motivation, rap money got a nigga souldier hattin'
Dope man went & got a 9 & 5, niggas outchea working with the police station
Where am at now I ain't think I see it, still waking up like I can't believe it
3500 for a bulldog, got full of that weed & I forgot to feed it
Looking at my watch like I don't need it, looking at my house like thank you Jesus
Could've been choosen & not breathin', but I'm here, yeah