Bounty Killer - Mama Gone But Not Forgotten [paroles]

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Bounty Killer - Mama Gone But Not Forgotten

Paroles: Mama Gone But Not Forgotten

(Verse 1)

You though me how to know what haters have up them sleeve

And when am having dutty though..thought me how to believe

In my self, and what it takes to achieve

The things that I need to put my mind at ease

But am bless by your love that I receive

To strengthen my values like these

So here I am, mama on my bending knees

I hope it's not too late to say thank you please

Mama you gone but not forgotten

Cause everyday I remember supn

That you thought me when we use to reason

You in a mi mind, from season to season
(Verse 2)

Many a times it's your faith that pull me over

The conflict the tricks trying to pull me under

To my questions you always have an answer

So mama you are my greatest sponsor
In my head I still hear your voice a shout

With an effort to keep your son on the right road

So in this life whenever am having doubt

I just think about the things that you thought me about
(Repeat Chorus)
(Verse 3)

Cause haters at mi door step

Fi mi life them wanna tek

But all I got to do is just think about you

And your faith and your loving just pull me through
(Repeat Chorus)
(Verse 4)

I know I cant pay you for the sacrifice that you made

Just to improve my life

The many time that you had to set me right

When mi a big up mi chest a gwaan like mi too bright

But am proud by the way that I was grown

So mama thank you for you love yo shown

To a son who turn out to be the world we known

She is always with me so am never alone
(Repeat Chorus)