Bounty Killer - Wine Fi Di General [paroles]

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Bounty Killer - Wine Fi Di General

Paroles: Wine Fi Di General


Gal come wine fi di general

Flick like dolla coin fi di general

Yu a star come shine fi di general

All night yu assigned to di general

Eligible and prime fi di general

Coulda neva unkind to di general

All night yu a wine fi di general

Wine fi di general, wine fi di general

Verse 1

Gal mi waa feel di breeze when yu a blow

While yu a feel di tease when mi a grow

Mi know yu a pree di G’s weh mi a throw

Dats why yu a pree fi tun mi inna Joe

Mi nu have conscience but gyal still want mi flow

When mi done gyal a use hand fan down below

Instant mi change from friendly to foe

When she bend down and touch har toe

She call mi Voldomort when she feel my wand

Killa tek har from dancehall to divan

Inna AC gyal waa be my fan she a witch, so mi give har broom fi ride on

She do as I say like mi name Simon

Likkle tricks weh di gyal dem use fi tie man

A gyal haffi go beg from mi buss nylon

Wi nu freak like Byron Long

Verse 2

A nuh fish mi a ketch when mi reel out nylon

Gyal is a branchless tree yu a climb on

Naw inhale nor blow like Ivan, me have di wata fi dampen yu dry land gyal!

Tricks are fa kids so mi naw gi yu none

A wining time buss weh like gun

Gyal run weh di buoy weh naw gi yu none

Tell him fi go join di raisin inna bun

Gyal wine and tick bruck wild and flick, wine fast an slow like when oil a drip

Flash yu finga like it ketch inna yu zip gyal wine like yu jus get Shakera hips

Tell dem oda man mi a di first in line

A forward now not reversing time

A gyal a wine dead she have hearse in mind, mi waa juke yu like di peg pan di pine.