Bow wow - Ain't thinking' bout you (ft. chris brown)

Ain't thinking' bout you Lyrics / Paroles

[Verse 1: Bow Wow]
You got the wrong one if you think I ain't goin out. you used to be the only girl a nigga would think about. I got a couple girls on call, I'm goin to bring them out. imagine city strip on her so this what it's all about. I'm in the club doing my 2 step, I pulled about 8 broads already I'm just gettin my feet wet. but I ain't even knocking yo style, cause I've been here all day tryna count how many girls want Bow. you on your blogs with yo dude and all that, but little do you know that you making yo self look whack. if a dude got a problem better tell him to fall back. I'm blowin real big in v.I.p, yeah that loud pack. shit it's me and Chris in here, so you know it's real thick in here. better get yo girl cause yo bitch is here. tryin to see how many I can fit in my lambo. I never go raw got my strap like rambo.

[Chorus: Chris Brown]
I'm not lookin for love cause she's gone on on on
So tell all the girls the bottles on us, get your drink on on on. I just wanna have a good time and keep you out my mind. find a little shawty I like (yeah) and girl when I'm up in the club I'm really turned up. I ain't goin to think about you tonite.
Told them niggas I said girl I ain't trippin, tonite I'm goin out with my niggas (ain't thinkin bout you tonite) I said girl I ain't trippin, tonite I'm goin out with my niggas.

[Verse 2: Chris Brown]
We ain't been together for a minute. now it feels funny to be doing somethin different. but it's all good me and you finished, callin me a player but a nigga ain't trippin. and I ain't sayin that he don't love, but I don't think he love you like I do. but it's okay, it's alrite. my blackberry's filled with a whole bunch of women. wastin time steady tryin to get you back, get you back in my life. you don't care, you don't care. it used to be you that I like, but I'm a do what I like tonite. I'm gonna get typsy, over 21 all the girls have fun, and watch the ladies jump on me.


[Verse 3: Bow Wow]
I'm being honest listen shawty I don't want you no more. so leave the keys to the benz before you hit the front door. cause you losin and she choosing and like Chris said I'm chuckin up the deuces. on to the next one, all I ask was keep it real you couldn do that. so I'm a tell you how I feel, I'm poppin bottles all nite. cause that black card ain't got no limit and they all rite.


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