Bow Wow & DJ Willi - Too Real [Lyrics/Paroles]

Bow Wow & DJ Willi - Too Real

Too Real Lyrics / Paroles



Dj Willy

Caught Up

[Verse 1 - Bow Wow]

Men i'm Caught up between the two

I don't kwow what to do

I should have been honest (but sorry)


And i know they know each other i know (That is wrong)

But i can't fight my feeligns no more


And when i'm whith shawty i've been texting at the same time

My best friend all night hittin' my main line

I wish i could fuck'em at the same time

(?) strippin for a nigga on a FaceTime

If they found out'Bout this

I know that they gone be (?)

Gotta play, it cool


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