Bow Wow - Drank In My Cup (Remix)

Drank In My Cup (Remix) Lyrics / Paroles

She smoked too, like me
Bad bitch with a … and we always gotta fuck late
Because she begin up at 3
And she the baddest thang and she know it
I'ma make her wet like the ocean
Can't nobody, can't nobody, can't nobody sex you like I can girl
Ah, nobody fucks you like I do girl
Yeah, one condom, then 2
Smoke a blunt when I'm through
…to be sweat, get your pussy wet
You already know how a young boy do
And I just turned 25, so I know what a woman want
And what a woman need
… you had a …what you do
Send him on the bench, …
…catch your eyes on the back when I look at that spot
Screaming my name when I lick right there,
Told me that I could bust anywhere
Long as a nigga don't get it in your hair
Legs in the air, panties over there
Remove that bra, I ain't hitting rough
But you got a man, she said hell no
That's what she told me, she left with a boy

Keep the engineer out the room
I … on again, start giving me head in the booth
My girl is a truth, why would I lie?
You looking for me, I'll be in between her thighs
Pussy stay good like apple pie,
I'll … that thang till it's desert dry

We can do whatever that you want boo
Just name the time a place, you know I got you
If you got a man I don't give a fuck
Baby here's my number, let me know what's up
Baby fuck what you heard, I'm a freak in the bed
Ain't tryina be your man, but we can just fuck instead
Remember you lonely, shawty, you know you can call me shawty
..she be like … nobody fucks you like me

I beat it up, I beat it up, I eat it up
She likes to play, I beat it up, beat it up.

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