BrandUn DeShay - Had Em All [Lyrics/Paroles]

BrandUn DeShay - Had Em All

Had Em All Lyrics / Paroles

[Verse 1]
Bitch, I done had 'em all, had a ball
Took her by the hand and I grabbed her paw
Girlfriend left, wasn't mad at all
Rebound game like Pau Gasol
Only wear Gottier or YSL
If I ain't at home, you should try the cell
Nigga made the beat and the rhyme himself
Grind 'til sunrise, tired as hell
All kind of girls want the wifey crown
Nowadays drawing all types of crowds
Brand new swag, bitch, wipe me down
Picking up girls outta NikeTown
Lane Tech had all the baddest hoes
Took the Green Line towards Cottage Grove
Funny cuz my niggas, had a lot of flows
And I wasn't even rhyming, I had the hoes
Used to want it all and a bag of clothes
Lavish homes, baddest songs
Played the underground like the catacombs
Childhood, never really had it holmes
Back then, hangin round Steve and them
Runnin round, talkin' 'bout "she's a ten"
See the same hoes next week again
Wearing the same clothes that I seen them in
Used to get chased out of Humboldt Park
Fuckin' with the Latin hoes after dark
Bad little nigga, act dumb but smart
Hate to get in trouble, but it's fun to start
Chitown boy out in Brooklyn now
Karate chop samples, then took a bow
Arrogant asshole wit looks and style
Might have to try the modesty look, but now

I done had 'em all
Bitch, I done had 'em all
Bitch, I done had 'em all

[Verse 2]
Camo things, Army fatigue
Me and my team all reign supreme
Getting our dream, all major things
Give her that cream, ("It's Maybelline")
"Get to work, boy! You don't get paid to dream!"
I'm the bomb, bitch, ain't no disabling
They said what I'm doing was a crazy thing
But now a nigga really getting paid to dream
From a city where we all savages
Yeah, it sounds crazy, there's facts in this
Shit come easy like laxatives
Thick glasses to see past you nigs
Picked last man, I can't imagine this
Sick rapping, I put cash on this
Big dragon, I'm so passionate
Whiplashing from how fast I spit
Dope fashion, so don't ask for this
She want my gene pool just to splash in it
Feeling like a Hogwarts graduate
Cause every single whore wants the magic stick
I don't have to argue what classic is
I'm dope, you don't even know the half of it
Bulls snapback with the jacket zipped
Fuck a Dragon Ball, I wish?
My nigga, I done had 'em all


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