Brandy - Perfect love [Lyrics/Paroles]

Brandy - Perfect love

Perfect love Lyrics / Paroles

Giving me everything, don't know why but it seems
The more you come around the more I feel lonely
You always stood right by me, yet my life is incomplete
The harder you try the more I feel guilty
'Cause you can't satisfy my love when your best is not enough
Even though they say you were meant for me

They think I'm crazy

But I'll keep on waiting for the perfect love
'Cause I believe it's gotta be
Deep as an ocean the kind of emotion that turns you inside out
That leaves no doubt
That it's more than a feeling it's love that would really change my world
I'm just a simple girl looking for love

(Love love love love...)

There ain't nothing wrong with you
And I love how you wear your cool
Sometimes I wish I could learn how to love you
Maybe I had an easier time to find the ones I broke their lives
You could lose someone that loves you and end up all alone
'Cause I don't know that true love exist if it's just a fantasy at best
But something inside of me tells me there's gotta be more

You think I'm crazy


You say all we need is time, but time still hasn't change my mind
If I don't feel it by now when will it ever be right?

Don't think I'm crazy


(Love love love love...)
I'm just a simple girl looking for love

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