Bubba sparxxx - Georgia [Lyrics/Paroles]

Bubba sparxxx - Georgia

Georgia Lyrics / Paroles

That's what I'm (gonna) do, I may be a... about my home, my... for wait to long,
I belong to Georgia baby... it don't belong to me, nobody run there,
Not your governor, not the senator, not your congress person they really know,
... they got their own sit,
A... different individuals, Atlanta steal the shit, but I really miss
How he was pride in 1996 when the... turned the whole town
Upside down they made a city,.. we ain't really slow,
Wejust lay it you low, I let you play yourself,
And you're not taking,..
It's hard to summarize in just a couple lines,
This place is fucking great, say you a hundred times.

We fly... and drink Coca-Cola... my head,
Sweet peaches with nice features, yooh
I'm going home to Georgia,
Gray Jones, Ally Jackson, the godfather...
How do you feel about that,
Big city but now really, yeahhh
I'm going home to Georgia, oohhh, ooohh, yoo
I'm going home to Georgia, yeaahh, yeaahh, yeahh
I'm going home to Georgia.

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