Busta rhymes - Niggas in paris freestyle [Lyrics/Paroles]

Busta rhymes - Niggas in paris freestyle

Niggas in paris freestyle Lyrics / Paroles

Let Me tell ya'll how much I ball
I'm cray nigga

And I ball so hard do you know what it be costin'
Niggas wanna call me Spaulding
When I block I neva stop, from the bottom to top and I be doin' it often
Sweatin' everything like a nigga divorcin'
Niggas know they dead put 'em all in the coffin
Why oh why nigga front nigga why yo
You'd think it was confetti the way I be tossin'
Throwback word: nigga be flossin'
When I'm givin' you the heat you know a nigga be scorchin'
Ya'll be remindin' of pigs and swine, turn them niggas into animal shortening
Hmmm, and alotta motherfuckas be actin' like they really important
'Till I come and kill another recording
Don't you know I'm countin' money every morning
Yeah, every single time I speak you know the shit I'm endorsin'
Ya never gonna blow, and ya never gonna go and the way that shit done happen niggas think I was Jordan
Good, and if you do not understand well let me give you a warning
It don't really matter when a nigga wanna drop there was nothin' you can do to stop a nigga from scorin'
Beatin' up the beat I be over assaulting
I be fucking everything up while the money is pourin'
Shame on you niggas that to blame when you just another lame and ya mother should a had an abortion
In this moment I'm a take this
Brand new swag like a nigga got a facelift
Sit tight, and you better know that I'm a always rub it right, on a regular basis

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