Busy Signal - Out Of Many (One) [Lyrics/Paroles]

Busy Signal - Out Of Many (One)

Out Of Many (One) Lyrics / Paroles

[Intro: Damian Marley]
Voice of the one called big gongzilla longside busy signal and for all

[Hook: Busy Signal]
The darkside of kingston town, kingston town
No smile pon face of every man a wear frown
Fi a next man survive one haffi get throw down
Hyena nyam yuh food ?
The darkside of kingston town, kingston town
Every man a fight fi wear di kings crown
And when di moon full, all you hear dogs a howl
A while while wish you were down

[Verse 1: Jr. Gong]
True man want to have it all
Dem savage like a animal
Damage you fi collateral
You bleed like you no more seh shots
I neva tek sabbatical
Rise up all the 40 cal
Dem they say a capital
Punishment inna di capital
Read di news articles
Nuffa a dem a artical
Molecules and particles
Mi bwoy get high on logical
And tho the land is tropical
The budget microscopical
Hold dem inna di street nah start it up in philosophical

Cause dem a war over turf like nothing else matters
Flick it dem a old life has much more to offer
No benefits when you kill when another
Still walk away with nada
A one little place woulda so many bother
No one to maintain the law or the order
Wahapn when a fatherless dem got on farther

[Verse 2: Busy signal]
Bigger heads give we pill without pain
Road without drain
Work without payin
Shotta weh can't tame
Nuff a dem a work off a badman name
Extortion pressurin the shops 'pon the lane

Can't play domino 'pon the corner
Drive-by set a guy like piranha
Can't, walk, up the road fi check auntie Lana
Now gun shot a beat pon di border
Dem youths ya no hold no order
And man a prove pon dem one another
That a galang in a


[Verse 3: Busy Signal]
Cause nuffa dem youth in nowadays will be forever running from the law
Kingston a no play thing, no keyboard nah guitar
Man will box the found out of your mouth before you could chaw
Dem turn around and bust a shot in a your jaw
And if you hear red striped
No look fi little truck
All di ratty and di squaddy a patrol a drive up
Man with weed a run anna di hide
Wanted man a mask up
So mad dash ova wall a scale fence and climb up up in the


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