Busy Signal - Perfect Imperfection [paroles]

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Busy Signal - Perfect Imperfection

Paroles: Perfect Imperfection

Baby give your all to me
baby girl I give my all to you
Your my perfect imperfection
I will give you loving and affection

Baby give your all to me
And I will give my all to you
Girl you are my perfect imperfection
And I will give you loving and affection

(Verse 1)
Mi loving cyaa minus a just addition
And mi give her this yah loving unconditional
Old fashing love da one yah traditional
In a mi life mi cherish her because da one yah special
So squeeze mi baby mi love the way yo hold mi
Treat mi right gyal never leave me lonely
Gi yo ma all, gi mi yo all
Mi one and only
Shi never put nobody else before mi

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
Anytime you give me girl I will be right there
Give your all, I give my all
Cause I don’t wanna shear
Loving is so real da one yah naw go disappear
Baby have no fear
Am here to give you loving anytime yo need it
And deep in a yo heart mi know seh yo feel it
And everybody know this a no, no secret
Shi give her all to me da love yah is the realest

(Repeat Chorus)