Busy Signal - Smoker Anthem [paroles]

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Busy Signal - Smoker Anthem

Paroles: Smoker Anthem


Weh mi grabber deh?

Weh mi weed deh?

Pass mi lighter

Weh mi seat deh?

Weh the pack a wrisler?

Yuh no geet weh?

Sound a bounce gwaan play da CD deh
Me nah smoke none

No waan no coke nor opium

If a no the high grade, no the high grade

High grade alone, high grade alone when we be rolling

It's like we floating on the clouds when we be smoking

I get high to the sky

Tell dem straight weed and grabber fi the blem

Hot head, hot head, smokers anthem
Tell dem no cut down the trees meck the weed multiply

Highest a the highest, a the highest a no lie

Excuse meck mi light up mi spliff mardiki

Highest a the highest, a the highest a no lie
The herbs man a pass mi a the first one fi buy

Highest a the highest, a the highest a no lie

Bush a no bush si a stalk yah fi try

Highest a the highest a no lie
(Verse 1)

Man higher than blue mountain peak nah talk bout coffee

High grade autobiography

Mi nah si no police a come and swallow mi spliff like mi a claffy

Grades open yo lungs like a ackee

Tell dem from Senti to West Best possess the best

Invest in a the highest get a chest best

Officer mi no waan go jail again

Low mi caw everything bless
(Repeat Chorus)
(Verse 2)

To how yuh have the callidy jurp, purple skunk a the target

Green like grass, brown like a chocolate

Yaardy weed, yaardy weed, tell dem bring all the weed no drop lift nor the seed

When wi a roll out weed haffi deh, deh

Member the brown straight Bob Marley reggae

Watch how the grades explode in a mi head
(Repeat Chorus 2X)
(Repeat Intro)