Ca$h Out - Boss Up (ft. Lil Reese) [Lyrics/Paroles]

Ca$h Out - Boss Up (ft. Lil Reese)

Boss Up Lyrics / Paroles

[Intro] Cashout

Hold up, hold up
Car roll up, tell
Him roll up
Got killers with me
You can slow up
Pulling at a print
Moving slow as fuck
Fuck nigga that's me
But he ain't on nothing
Shawty if I was you
I'll get bossed up
Boss Up, Boss up
Boss Up, can't show
Me up that's Bosstop

Cashout [Hook]

Boss up,Boss up
Boss up,Boss up
Boss up,Baby my Chain
Boss up,my car
Boss up,my watch
Boss up,shooting stars
She wanna boss up baby

Cashout [Verse 1x]

Holla little dick
They say we getting
Money, fellay park
My whip, let him know
And stunting
Money buy that
Bundance, Piano buy that
Truck load
Holla pull up with the
Truck load, holla pull up
With the truck load
Holla tell a nigga
Unload, money got me
Trunk baby, I can taste
It, black and white
Diamond shit, I ain't
Racist, shout out to
My lawyer, he beat all my
Cases, money talking loud
Echo, go head, with that
Cheating shit
That's why he gotta
Call me gretto
My projects to the
Private jet flow
Pray JB my rondo
Your girl is my tondo
Overseas you know
We Bossup
Get tossed up baby


Lil Reese [verse]

Call my bro BossTop
Thats broski bro
From O-Block
We tote Glocks
O-block yeah we
Tote Glocks
You get shot
You get shot
And how they came up
Still, on the same
Block, and so they
Came up still
Fuck the opps
And them killers
With me, they love
Glocks with the thirty
On him that's thirty
Shots,clip long
Hangout, looking like
A mop, and you ain't
About that action
Lil nigga you was
All talk, am
Getting money
If your a stain, its
A stain, Lil nigga
That's all yours
And you ain't about
That action lil nigga
You was all talk


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