Ca$h Out - Do What It Do [paroles]

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Ca$h Out - Do What It Do

Paroles: Do What It Do


You know what

Ima make it do what it do baby

Thanks for love it

Never gonna be a nigga

I [?] in the kitchen nigga

I'm in the kitchen


Hey I make it do what it do

Hey I make it do what it do

Get ridin got with that chop

Can't tell me nothing

Hey I make it do what it do in the kitchen

I'm water whippin I got the chicken

Hey I make it do what it do

Hey she make it do what it do

Hey I make it do what it do

I get mine, ridin with the chopper

Can't tell me nothing

[Verse 1:]

Hold up nigga this ain't no swag rap, this that trap rap

Ridin round with the chopper get kidnapped

100LBs in the duffle come fuck with us

Stack ma chips up ruffles you know what's up

Flat screens in the bando for lil elmo

In the kitchen whippin up a fricki

Rolie on ma wrist it [?[ cost a ticket

Bitches lick it right before I stick it

Niggas try to hate but try to kick it

Nigga can't get with it

Gunning with that pack unless you [?]

They way I spit that trap shit hood niggas gon feel it

Put it in ma face man you know i'm gon deal it

Enomic on the beat and you know i'm gon kill it


[Verse 2:]

They cooking shit I love it

Put that soda with the work I make it bubbly

I just left the courthouse beat a gun case

Had to hit ma nigga up from that old base

Ram that sack up trap up then I wrap up

Nigga mad cause I had her you can have her

But she fucking with a real nigga

Took that steel nigga I was in the kitchen [scerp, scerp]

Water whipping on top the trap shit you gotta believe me

Ran up a cheque man this shit wasn't easy

Few bumps in the road latches in the boat niggas fold

New phone every three day that's the new code