Ca$h Out - Juice (ft. Lil Durk) [Lyrics/Paroles]

Ca$h Out - Juice (ft. Lil Durk)

Juice Lyrics / Paroles

[Hook x2]
Got choppers on choppers
Got bitches on bitches
My ho do the dishes
We play in them kitchens
My whip is on sixes
Got pounds of the chickens
Rolex’s on wrists
Your bitches is missing

[Verse 1: Cash Out]
We in the trap house
We selling that loud
We cooking up oz
Come shop at my store
You liking my glow
I’m liking your ho
She put on a show
Do it on the low
A stack on her shoes
50 racks on my jewels
They say I’m so cool
I’m breaking the news
I’m breaking the rules
They try to keep up
I keep switching up
I keep geeking up
It must be the Yeezy's
Yeah baby mama the squeezes
The all on their knees-es
They thinking I’m Yeezus
My piece yeah its Jesus
My money got creases
My cars got no leases
My house got no leases

[Hook x2]

[Verse 2: Lil Durk]
I'm from Chiraq ('Cago nigga)
The count like Iraq (we bombin' nigga)
Smoke opps out the pack (dead niggas)
Broad day with my ice on (I did nigga)
.40 Ruger shoota kill you talkin stupid
Kiss my Rollie cutie
Trap house on Gucci
2K on the Gucci
My life is like a movie
I cannot keep her
That bitch is a eater
Imma go deeper
Plan B and I'll leave her
I can't go lil bitch I can't go
You fucked the fame lil ho I can't go
Let's get it
Choppa choppa choppa
Need a lean doctor
Topic topic topic
Name another nigga hotter
And its me and Cash Out
Tweak yo ass out
What the cash bout
What ya mads bout
In my fast lane, aye
Choppa go bang

[Hook x2]

[Verse 3: Cash Out]
Down from the south
They seizing me up
Your ho texting me
She eating me up
She sucking me up
I tinted my truck
I’m getting my buzz
I’m killing you dubs
I’m feeling like Pablo
I rock Ferragamo
I just hit the lotto
Got green in the tacos
I’m getting my nachos
I’m getting my cheese
I’m all in Belize
I’m rocking the seas
My diamonds is water
I paid off my lawyer
I don’t want your offer
Kill you for an offer
[?] they taught you
Can’t smell like a fish
I cook in the dish
I out with your bitch

[Hook x2]

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