Ca$h Out - She Twerkin (feat. Twerk Team) [Lyrics/Paroles]

Ca$h Out - She Twerkin (feat. Twerk Team)

She Twerkin Lyrics / Paroles


See me grabbin' on my tooly

She told me smack her on the booty

She say I got too many hoes

She say I got too many shows

But she twerkin' (8x)

[Verse 1]

Whats up, baby? I see you, you watching

Versace like Biggie, my watch is Rolly

This ho say holly molly, you stole it

Oh, no, no, pay for it, be foreign, go touring

A nigga so burry, drop her out when he's snoring

He kiki for the free-free, took lil Keke to Waikiki

Put Louis, with Gucci, put a hoochie with a hoochie

We do the oochie coochie, but I'm still grabbing on my tooly


[Verse 2]

Ferrari, retarded, no brain, retarded

These hoes, they tardy, they missing, Im sorry

Ferragamo for freak-o, I seize this cappuccino

Baby, Im beating nino, that your boyfriend, I bet you he know

Got your girl saying, "What it do, fufu?"

Got your girl at my front door in a tutu

Yeah, she got that million dollar mouth, ooh, ooh

Spinz and Dun on the beat, say ooh, ooh


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