Ca$h Out - She Wanna Ride (ft. Shanell) [paroles]

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Ca$h Out - She Wanna Ride (ft. Shanell)

Paroles: She Wanna Ride

[Hook – Cash Out]
She see that I ride with the chopper
Keep them bands on me
Fuck the coppers
Now she wanna ride
And we just chopping it up
Asked her what her favorite movie, she replied
Bonnie and Clyde
She’s gangster [x4]
She wanna ride
These niggas pillow talking bout me
Because they know their girl want to roll with me
She wanna ride

[Verse 1 – Cash Out]
And she looks best under pressure
Looking at your girl like we can fuck her together
If you join this team we getting money forever
And I go long, so long, who do it better?
Come ride with me, come ride with me, ay
Come [?] with me, come [?] with me, ay
From the back, she be like
When I leave she be like
Where you going?
Wanna ride with you
Get money with you
Roll blunts for you
Get high with you
T-shirt and shoes
No panties, outstanding, dick standing
I know she wanna ride


[Verse 2 – Shanell]
He said he got enough room for a boss lady to sit shotgun
Cause he want to drive
And if them boys see us swerving and they want to try
Argue with him, we’ll be like Bonnie and Clyde
He’s gangster [x3]
And he’s gonna try
His bitch is pillow talking bout me
Cause all they see is us in these streets
Looked him in his eyes
Told him it was real
Your homies can’t hold you down like a chick will
Foot up on the gas, let’s keep this shit trill
Sit up on his lap while he’s handling the wheel