Cahiips - O-Dog [paroles]

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Cahiips - O-Dog

Paroles: O-Dog

Hey yo, I told you, told you
Niggas goin', niggas goin' ride
You know I'm a menace
I told you, told you
Niggas goin', niggas goin' die
I'm O-Dog and Bishop
Nigga I told you, told you
Bullets goin', bullets goin' fly
You know I'm a menace
I told you, told you
Bitches goin', bitches goin' cry
I'm O-Dog and Bishop

[Verse 1: Demetrius Capone]
Okay, I swear y'all sound alike, wearing gowns and tights
Tweeting your whereabouts, you must not care about your life
Cuz I'll be there in about a second in a Camaro without the lights
In the night, have you staring down the barrel of a rifle
This the new Death of Autotune
You one-hit wonders wish you never left your mama's womb
As I go on, you guessed it I'm a goon
I kill you if you biting niggas like Jeffrey Dahmer, clues I never left behind
I'm gonna make you sweat like you popped a Molly
Like a motherfucking safety net I caught a body
This is rap-on-rap crime, this is friendly fire
And I'm a nice shot, that's why they call it friendly fire

[Verse 2: Julius Luciano]
When I, uhh, hit the block its a disaster you should call FEMA
I palm ringers, wearing slippers and a broad-beater
And I don't need to beat a broad neither
Sick my girl on em, a paw swinger, raw diva from Gardena
You rappers don't want beef, go on a diet then
You goin' die a thin death, I'm on your head, diadem
When that whistle blow, you getting lower than Flo-Rida
Niggas hit the floor, you hit linoleum
On vodka when this thing is loaded, this niggas loading em
Chrome llama, nope it's not for kids, no Nickelodeon my nocca
I told ya, I told ya, you rappers get merk'd
No history of violence but you actors will hurt


[Verse 3: Kenny Siegel]
I'mma mask my face prior to when I bang iron
And I'mma ride in disguise like hang-gliders
Insane and crazy, but decent and kind
I'll lobotomize you just so you can say you gave me a piece of your mind
But Doc said I need meds, I think that I might
Hit a spleen with a knife until it reaches the spine
I mean to say that I really think I'll be fine
Especially if someone reunites me with my mind
You gimmick niggas should hit the door
You niggas can get it yo
Tell me what you niggas want, but don't involve my niggas though
High priced ratchets and we don't buy em just for show
Say it's on, then it's on, lemme flick away my Swisher roach

[Verse 4: Andrew 'Dice' Dinero]
I will find ya, I be on that crook shit
I'm not a Republican, but I'm behind them Bushes
I be on this COB shit, I be on that SSUTT shit
Like a starter jacket, we taking it back to some hood shit
Like a starter jacket, nigga I'm bout to pullover
Catch you coming up out the store, you drinking a fucking soda
Spray a couple rounds lay you down before your cola
Hit the fucking ground and then I'm out around the corner
Every song that they play on the radio station is fucking gay
But we the New West Army, the second N.W.A
We tying up D.J's and hangin' them over balconies
Better play our shit before my anger overpowers me